Active Directory

Active directory is the foundation of an IT infrastructure for many companies today. Many other IT services, like Microsoft Exchange mail system or Share Point, are based on active directory. Incorporating active directory in your company provides a centralized solution for managing servers and users.

Some benefits of implementing active directory are:Active Directory

  • lower costs of managing Windows networks
  • simplifies the security and administration of resources throughout a network (including the computers that are part of the network) by providing a single point of administration for all objects on the network
  • provides a single logon point for all network resources so a user can log on to network with a single user name and password, and then access any resources to which the user account is granted access
  • group policy can be used to enforce security settings on all computers on the network which allows the network administrator to make changes faster and improve network functionality without requiring user intervention to invoke changes
  • provides rights management services to protect files and other resources from unauthorized access (administrators grant file access and control rights for authorized users and unauthorized users are prevented from accessing those files)


Yellotech provides a full range of services for active directory:

  • consulting - if your company planning to implement active directory we can help you to do it in a right way
  • support and help for solving problems with your existing active directory installations
  • regular maintenance and administration tasks for active directory


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