Data Domain

Data Domain is EMC top of the class deduplication platform today. Data Domain provides deduplication which helps to answer to the two primary challenges that backup environments facing today:

  • the amount of data that increase every day require more space for backup
  • time window for backup is becoming smaller

Data DomainData deduplication helps with these challenges. Deduplication is a technique of elimination of redundant data. After deduplication, only one copy of the data is stored on storage. Deduplication is able to reduce the required storage capacity since only the unique data is stored. Data Domain is an industry leading deduplication storage system. With Data Domain, you can create tapeless backup environments.

Some of the characteristics of Data Domain are:

  • keep backups on the site longer with less disk for fast, reliable restores, and eliminate the use of tapes for operational recovery
  • scalable solution
  • retain data longer
  • fast, inline deduplication with up to 1.2 B/hour of single stream throughput
  • provides up to 2.7 PBs logical storage for long-term backup retention
  • 10 to 30 times average reduction in backup storage required
  • supports leading backup and archive applications
  • data replication to the disaster recovery location
  • move only deduplicated data over existing networks with up to 99% bandwidth efficiency for cost-effective disaster recovery
  • encrypted replication
  • Data Domain provides continuous fault detection and self-healing ensure data recoverability to meet service level agreements
  • power, cooling, and space efficiencies for green operation

Yellotech can provide different services for your existing Data Domain system or help you to implement new environment. We can provide support and regular maintenance services for your Data Domain environments.


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