Many companies today consolidate their data centers using virtualization. Avamar deduplication backup solution provides fast, daily full backups for virtualized environments, NAS systems, desktops/laptops, remote offices, and business-critical applications.

AvamarAvamar’s data deduplication technology seamlessly integrates into virtual environments, providing rapid backup capabilities. Client deduplication data are eliminated from backup streams before it crosses the network. There are savings on bandwidth, storage, and backup windows. Avamar deduplicates backup data globally across servers, desktops, laptops, and offices worldwide to reduce the total required disk storage by up to 95 percent.

Some of the Avamar benefits are:

  • backup data reduced at the client and globally
  • reduces daily full backup time by up to 90 percent, reduces network bandwidth for backup by up to 99 percent and cumulative backup disk storage by up to 95 percent
  • data encrypted in-flight and at rest for security
  • reduces or eliminates reliance on tapes
  • Avamar server integrity and backup data recoverability verified daily
  • recovers data (whole backups, files, or directories) immediately - no need to restore last good full and incremental backups
  • export backup data to tape or VTL for long-term retention
  • fast, efficient, daily full backups for VM guests and images
  • fast backup of remote offices or laptops over slow network connections
  • integration with Data Domain

Yellotech provides a full range of services for Avamar solutions:

  • consulting - if your company planning to implement new backup solutions
  • support to the existing Avamar systems in your data centers
  • regular maintenance and administration tasks for Avamar systems


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