Backup And Recovery

Backup and recovery are complex tasks. Information are the biggest assets to any business today, and; therefore, design and implementation of backup system should be taken very seriously. backup recoveryPlaning an optimal backup solution for a company is not a simple. Different companies have different needs. Great solution for one company is not so good for some other company.

Designing a good backup solution, must consider many things:

  • what data should be backed up
  • type of data to be backed up (file systems, databases, emails, virtual machines...)
  • size of data that need to be protected with backup
  • data deduplication
  • RTO (recovery point objective) - the maximum tolerable length of time the specific system can be down after a failure or disaster occurs
  • RPO (recovery point objective) - the age of files that must be recovered from backup storage for normal operations to resume if a specific system goes down as a result of a hardware or software failure or disaster
  • the length of time that backed data should be kept
  • backup only to disk or tapes
  • TCO (total cost of ownership) of the solution

Yellotech can give you an expert help to plan and implement backup solution that best suite your needs. We can provide consulting services, project management services, project implementation and support services. We can offer support for your current backup solution or help you implement a completely new solution from the scratch.

We support EMC backup solutions:

  • EMC NetWorker
  • Data Domain
  • Avamar

With our services, you can create a tapeless backup environment.

We support only backup solutions that we are 100% sure that we can deliver the best services for you.


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