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Yellotech is an Europen IT company with a primary focus on clients' needs. We are relatively young, not a large company, founded by a group of IT professionals with years of experience in IT business. Yellotech advise clients on their IT services, implement the technologies that we are good at and manage their IT services on their behalf. We have a team of highly skilled technical consultants and IT experts that can help clients adapt to change, by using the latest technologies to stay competitive in today's business world.

We have started this company after years of work in large technology company and many projects realized with different contractors. And guess what? We were not satisfied with the most of them. We have experienced different problems – from failing to meet deadlines with to contractors with insufficient technical knowledge. So we have thought that we as a client deserves better. Now in Yellotech we want to do the job right.

You as a client deserve to be fully satisfied with every service that you have paid. How can we achieve that? First, we provide clients with experts with at least four years of experience on the type of jobs that you have requested from us. Second, the thing that is driving us is technology.

As we have said, we are not a large company. We do not want to be a large company where clients are only numbers. We think that every client, big or small, deserves the same kind of respect. We would rather have one fully satisfied client than five partly satisfied. We also know that if you are fully satisfied you will stay with us for a long time.




Stepe Stepanovica 82b

78000 Banja Luka

Republic of Srpska

Bosnia and Herzegovina



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